Tax Manager

Tax Manager

Job position: Tax Manager
Company information: Overseas business department of a private main OEM
Position annual salary: 600,000
Hunting period: 45 days
Work location: Mexico
Number of employees: 1 person


1. Project background:

After the client's Mexican entity was established, it needed a senior tax manager to help handle all tax-related policies within the company. Previously, the 

client successively recommended more than 10 candidates from other suppliers for interviews, and six were invited to negotiate salaries. However, because 

For various reasons, candidates turn down offers.

2. Project cycle:

The entire cycle took one and a half months (compared to the average two-week handover period in Mexico, which is very long), and the interview went 

smoothly because the candidate's background and resume met the client's requirements. However, in the later period, it mainly took some time to negotiate 

the salary and onboard the candidates. Because the client’s internal salary structure was not fully clear at that time, they could only provide some basic 

conditions in the offer. In the end, the consultant cooperated with the client, communicated with the candidates and reached an agreement, and finally joined 

the company. 

3. Candidate value.

Taxation is a very important aspect of business management, which directly affects the cost, benefit, risk and competitiveness of the company; therefore, the 

addition of this candidate can help customers comply with local laws and regulations in Mexico to pay taxes reasonably, maintain social fairness and 

responsibility, and also According to national policy changes and market demand, resource allocation is optimized in a timely manner; it has made a great 

contribution to the cost and efficiency of the enterprise.