Vice President

Vice President

Job position: Vice President of Overseas Company
Company information: A private lithium battery company
Annual salary for the position: 2.4 million
Hunting period: 6 months
Work location: United States
Number of employees: 1 person


1. Project background:

As one of the top ten battery manufacturers in the world, the Chinese company plans to invest US$2 billion to build a factory in the United States, striving to 

increase its market share and brand influence in the U.S. electric vehicle battery field. Looking for an industry leader with comprehensive R&D and production management capabilities to help the company develop from 0-1.

2. Project cycle:

The entire case lasted about 6 months. Nearly 30 candidates were recommended, about 18 people were interviewed, and 3 people negotiated salaries.

3. Candidate value:

The appointment of this candidate has brought technological innovation, management experience and leadership to customers, and built a refined and 

efficient team from 0-1.